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Things that cause rape June 11, 2011

Posted by laïcité in Feminism v Patriarchy, Rants, Society.
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I could write a whole post on rape statistics. I could mention how provocative clothing plays no role in a rapist choosing his target (Want to know what is the major factor? Appearing vulnerable – even if that means dressing like a conservative, docile, demure lady like your mother taught you.) I could also mention the fact that even the most non-provocative people in the world fall victim to rape – infants, the elderly, and even Muslim women covered head to toe.

But all that wouldn’t matter anyway. Because rape isn’t a natural disaster like an earthquake, and rape isn’t a disease like lung cancer. Rape is not a phenomenon that simply happens to you. What is the point of looking at the “odds of getting raped”  (and then blaming a victim for not being careful enough) when rape is only caused by one thing?  It is solely a result of one person’s conscious choice: the rapist’s.





1. LCC - June 14, 2011
2. Fish - August 22, 2011

I don’t usually comment on blogs I read, but may I ask why have you stopped writing? I cannot write as well as you do, so I contend with reading your posts :).

laïcité - August 23, 2011

Hi Fish, thanks for your comment. It’s quite flattering to know that my unannounced hiatus has not gone unnoticed :P

The truth is that I have been busy finishing up my MSc thesis, and I must admit that being overseas makes it easier to ignore/forget the the current issues in Singapore society/politics. But my thesis will be done soon and I will be back! :) So I hope you and anyone else who does read my posts will bear with me a little while more.

Fish - August 27, 2011

Hi laicite! :) What I like reading here is not so much the local issues as the humanist ideals you write so rationally and clearly on. ^^

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