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I am an undergraduate who is passionate about secularism and liberal values. Just your average feminist, liberal, atheist, secular humanist, social democrat, environmentalist, freethinking, secularist Singaporean who’s pro-choice, pro-gay rights, pro-freedom of speech, pro-diversity and anti-authoritarianism.

When I am not ranting about religious fundamentalists or judgemental conservatives, I enjoy cooking, baking, eating and exercising. I have academic interests in evolutionary biology, philosophy and politics. My pet peeves include ignorance, intolerance, creationists and centipedes.



1. AF - July 8, 2009

Apart from the centipedes (??) I think I’m in love – about forty years too late, but that’s life, eh? :)

2. BG - October 15, 2010

LOL… just read your self-description above and was about to type something in your comments box when I realised that AF has beaten me to it, in expressing succinctly what I was thinking, save that he did it 1 year earlier and (for me) twenty years too late… :)

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